Sunday, June 9, 2013

Having a Heart Like Jesus

So I realize I haven't written in about a year..... something I have been "meaning to do"..... kind of like the linen closet--something I've been "meaning to get to"!  

So here I am, writing a blog post.  Tonight seemed like an important night to document.  First of all, that linen closet WILL be "gotten to" in the next couple of weeks because WE ARE MOVING!  :)  YAY!  We have found a house and we get our keys in our pretty little hands on June 26th!  So, yes, the linen closet will get a good organizing.  I guess here in the Cox household, we do EXTREME spring cleaning!  This will be our third move in three years.... it seems every spring we move to a new house.  But this house will soon be our home.  Maybe a forever home.  But definitely a long term home.  

The memorable part of the evening came at dinner.  KaeLee asked Jesus to come live in her heart.  I don't think, as a parent, there is anything that could make me more proud of your child.  We have been talking all week about her most favorite people getting baptized this weekend.  Elizabeth and Lauren.  Our pastor's daughters.  They are, I believe, 13 and..... 9?  I have the memory of a goldfish, so pardon me if I have gotten  their ages wrong.  KaeLee has been asking what baptism means and why people get baptized.  I told her that Elizabeth and Lauren have asked Jesus to come live in their heart and stay there all the days and that they are following Jesus now.  She said she wanted to have Jesus in her heart and follow Jesus too.  

Well, tonight at dinner, AFTER the baptism, this subject was brought up again.  She seemed adament that she, too, wanted to have Jesus in her heart and get baptized.  So we told her that all she has to do is ask Jesus to come live in her heart and then she can start following Jesus.  And after she follows Jesus for a while, then when she gets a little older, she can be ready to get baptized.  She wanted to know exactly how to do it.  So I led her in a simple prayer and she repeated after me: 

"Jesus, please come into my heart and stay there all of my days.  Help me to follow you and show me how to live like you want me to."

She is so precious.  It started out wanting to be like her friends, but I think it turned into genuinely wanting to follow Jesus.  Hannah also wanted to say the prayer.  So I led her in the prayer as well.  Although, I know she was doing it because KaeLee did it.  But I think if KaeLee continues to set an example, Hannah will surely see God's love and will want to genuinely follow Him too.  

I am so grateful, tonight, for our church family and the amazing kids that KaeLee has to look up to.  They are sweet, kind, and quick to show love to others, just like Jesus would.  KaeLee is slowly learning what it means and looks like to follow Jesus and she is a happy servant.  After dinner, she cleared the table and cleaned her room and said "I'm following Jesus.  I am helping and cleaning up, just like Jesus would do." 

Melts. My. Heart.  

So tonight I pray that this is for real, and that KaeLee's heart is forever changed.  I pray that not only will she continue to follow Jesus and try to be like Him, but that she will also be an example for other kids coming up behind her (including her sisters) and that she can influence them in a Jesus way!  


Friday, June 22, 2012

June Pictures...!

Here are pictures from June!  :) Enjoy!

Hannah swinging with her baby at the park.  The crazy hair twins! haha.

KaeLee giving her dolly a push on swing

yay for slides!

Sisterly racing.... :)

I think we found a park that the girls love AND mommy loves!  (right by the water, easy toys to climb/play on, and no swings means I don't have to push them.....haha) I know, I'm mean.

having fun on the slide!

Relaxing on the grass....

They discovered pinecones!

Hannah working on a little art project for the magazine. :)

In Moses Lake at Kimmi's graduation party..... KaeLee and Konner.

Hannah hanging out with Kimmi

KaeLee found HER new best friend..... Maddie

hannah loves her too.  I have a feeling I am not going to be able to keep them away from the new baby...haha

So we decided to make smores one random day (yes, in the middle of summer...!) Shawn put them under the broiler.... worked amazing!  He refused to look up though, claiming it would burn as soon as he did.

Yummy smores!

Finger lickin good, in fact!

Happy Hannah

So,l during memorial weekend, the girls' dog, cocoa, got broken.  My cousin offered to take him home and sew him up for me (since I don't sew whatsoever....).  The girls missed cocoa terribly while he was "at the hospital" and even skyped with him once he was all better.  This is their reunion with Cocoa!

hannah taking cocoa for a walk....

Grandma took the girls outside to let them plant their very own flower to take home..... silly grandma! ---she knows that I can't keep anything alive!  Good thing it rained yesterday, because they haven't been watered in awhile.  oops.

Putting some rocks in the bottom of their containers

Putting the soil in....

Digging the flowers out of the ground...

KaeLee's flowers!

Hannah waiting for hers...

What a face...!

Hannah loves Griffrey!

I think Griffey licked her right beforethis picture.... haha

watering the flowers

Swinging at Grandma's house!  

Great "grandma", Lita, pushing KaeLee on the swing

Daddy reading the girls their new book on Father's day

Awe, cute Hannah! And with freshly cut bangs! :)

Daddy and KaeLee.  The girls got him a book called Daddy Loves His Little Girl.

I am definitely growing!  Tomorrow will be 17 weeks! :)  I have an appointment on Wednesday and will be making my ultrasound appointment that day, probably for July 11th.  I will be sure to at least write a post after that one! :)

This is how we found Hannah when we went in to check on her before going to bed ourselves.  That girl is crazy!  She had an entire shelf of her bookcase emptied out on her bed.